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No-Guess Watering with EarthBox®

July 29, 2016 at 1:52 PM / by EarthBox Sales & Marketing

EarthBox Sales & Marketing

Watering just right!


Water aids in photosynthesis, helps deliver nutrients, and protects plants against diseases. Plants use about 95% of the water they receive for transpiration -- basically, exhaling. Sunny, hot weather increases transpiration rate, so wilting occurs quickly, unless plants are rehydrated. . .

Watering “Just Right” With EarthBox

The single biggest reason container garden plants fail to thrive is overwatering, which can wash away nutrients, reduce oxygen and cause root rot. But you can’t overwater with the EarthBox® Automatic Watering System!

Here’s how it all flows:

Your Role

With the EarthBox® Gardening System, all you have to do is keep the reservoir filled; excess water will run out the overflow drain, so there’s no guesswork about how much to water. The EarthBox® system is a sub-irrigated planter (SIP) that waters plants from the bottom. Key benefits of bottom watering include:

  • More even and efficient watering
  • Stronger roots
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Salts pushed away from the growing medium, which keeps it moist longer

Just add water every few days when the plants are small, and more often as they grow, especially for heavily fruited varieties like tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. You are not restricted to watering early morning or evening, as with overhead watering. Water when it’s convenient for you, being mindful to never let the reservoir run dry!

Your Plant’s Role

Your plants know what they need and how much to drink. They’ll help themselves to the water provided whenever they need it, which is why the reservoir should always have some water available. Just as you can’t overwater, they won’t fill up on more than is necessary.

No More Watering Woes

The EarthBox® Automatic Watering System works very simply and is the best answer to all of your watering concerns. The water trickles down into the fill tube and flows to the reservoir at the bottom when the AWS senses a change in pressure; there is no excess wasted water. 

Your plants will drink from the bottom, which is more advantageous and less stressful for them. They’ll always have water at the ready. This life-giving resource will keep them healthy and producing. Just provide them what they need most, and they’ll thank you with bounty and beauty!

Whether you grow in one or more EarthBox® gardening systems, the Automatic Watering System delivers!

Below is a diagram of setting up the Automatic Watering System 2 ways:


Find out about setting up multiple systems for even more water efficiency.

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EarthBox Sales & Marketing

Written by EarthBox Sales & Marketing

Since 1994, EarthBox® has been the pioneer in container gardening. The patented EarthBox® gardening system was developed by commercial farmers and has been proven in both the lab and on the farm. This maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and more-than-doubles the yield of a conventional garden; all with less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort!